With leggybuddy we wanted to create products with a soul which are made to last and cherish for many years to come as a memory of early childhood.

Leggybuddies are a reminder of the warmth of home, close family relationships and grandmas knitting for their grandchildren.

In a world driven by mass consumption and digitalization, we strive to create sustainable products and to emphasize craftsmanship and the lasting quality of handmade work. Every leggybuddy is made with the same care as if it had been made for our own children.

Since we founded leggybuddy, we have watched many babies grow into little girls and boys, and we are honored that their leggybuddies have been a part of these incredible adventures and will stay in the memories of many families worldwide.

Leggybuddy products are designed by the designer Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld in her Zurich based studio. Afterward, small series are manufactured by highly skilled European manufacturers.

Leggubuddy - Handmade - from DESIGNEERS Design Agency on Vimeo.


Years ago, at the beginning of the leggybuddy story, I met a mother with her super cute little daughter at a Caffe in London. They liked Prince Froggy who was sitting beside my baby son. I asked her if there were some nice children shops nearby which sold handmade toys. 

„Well no, they all closed. Actually, people are not ready to spend a lot on a handmade toy. They mostly buy cheap toys and then throw them away and buy new ones. It is all disposable today.“ – said that mother of four. 

It’s all disposable? They throw them away? 

I thought about my loved and cherished Snow Queen doll. I received her from my parents as a reward for my achievements at school, and I loved her and made clothes for her till I was, I have to admit, fourteen, before she mysteriously disappeared after my younger sister took her to play with her friends. I am still mourning for her.

We want leggybuddies, to be friends, real buddies. You just don't throw away your friend - do you?

If you decide to buy a leggybuddy take good care of her or him. Remember that a devoted person sat long hours while the little character was formed in her fingers and finally came to you to fill your heart with joy and your house with laughter.

I wish you all the best



Leggybuddy has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of being a responsible brand that minimizes our environmental footprint while maximizing social good. Our aim is to inspire and motivate consumers to make responsible choices about the products they buy. Everyday actions make a big difference in the world.

Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury on Vimeo.