This Year Rolls-Royce model Ecstasy celebrated a 110 year anniversary. On this occasion, Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club has issued a monography presenting sustainable luxury brands and projects. We are proud that leggybuddy is also part of this project.

St. James Publishing House from London has partnered with the RREC - The International Club for Rolls-Royce & Bentley Enthusiasts to produce this beautiful publication 'Strive for Perfection: Celebrating 110 years of the Spirit of Ecstasy'. In celebration of the iconic silver lady, the book showcases a selection of hand-picked international brands that are synonymous with #luxury and craftsmanship. A great resource for those who like the finer things in life.

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Here is the story:

Based in Switzerland, Leggybuddy makes stylish toys and accessories that are the objects of fond memories for years to come

Memories of a happy childhood are often wrapped up in a favourite toy, well loved and cuddle-worn. These precious childhood friends are kept forever, lovingly propped somewhere safe and gently caressed from time to time, affording their owner a moment of blissful nostalgia.

This enduring symbol of childhood is at the heart of Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld’s company Leggybuddy, a children’s lifestyle brand based in Zurich, Switzerland. Suzana, a fashion and graphic designer, still thinks fondly of her own childhood favourite, a Snow Queen doll. “I loved and cherished her and made clothes for her,” she says. “Then she mysteriously disappeared after my younger sister took her to play with her friends. I still miss that doll!”

When Suzana founded her design agency in 2013, she wanted to develop her own brand and inspiration struck when her son was born. “I realized that so many cheap toys are disposable, so I crocheted a big rainbow frog for him as a toy he could keep forever,” she says. “It was made to be loved, made of natural fibres and so easy to cuddle. I knitted my love for him into the toy. That’s when Leggybuddy was born.”

Though founded with a touching, sentimental approach, Suzana’s keen business sense has played an equal part in her success. She expanded her range and sourced craftswomen with the expertise in traditional handcraft techniques to produce the toys, always aiming for the highest quality.

Suzana is committing to Goal 12 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which highlights the need for sustainable production methods. Each Leggybuddy product is crafted with the utmost care, complying with European and US toy safety standards and with waste management measured to minimize environmental impact.

This exquisite range of very special toys is available online and through a select few luxury stores, including Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Maison Gasman in Zurich and Bambini Fashion in Vienna. Suzana is now developing a range of elegant clothes for babies and children, all of which share Leggybuddy’s ethos. As she explains, “It’s all about making the world a sweeter place for our precious little ones.”