Impressions from Musée de la Poupée in Paris

Several years ago, and just at the beginnings of the leggybuddy story, I have discovered this little museum in a very modest looking building. You could not tell from the outside the hidden treasure it holds.
There was a beautiful collection of dolls from all over the world and from different periods, lovely made doll clothes and costumes. Doll jewelry made from "real" material and not plastic like it is mostly the case today. I have admired the care and with much love to detail made accessories and dollhouse furniture. Things are sadly not made this way anymore.
Doll historic
Dog Dollhouse
Porzellan dollhouse
Look at the details of this tiny porcelain tea set. 
Doll accessories
Doll school
Old dolls 
Old days Barbie
Doll gentleman
Recently, I have learned from the article of the Parisian blogger Vanessa Grall that the museum has closed last year. Real pity! 
If you like to discover places like this yourself and are often in Paris I can recommend her book Don't be a tourist in Paris, which is full of hidden gems and curiosities.